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White Kitty-Cat Money Bank: Large Blow-Mold - Classic Retro Design

Fantazia Marketing

  • $ 9.80

This Fantazia retro-style blow-mold White Cat Money Bank is proudly made in the USA using the original mid-century molds, and features attitude that just won't stop. Kitty is made from medium weight white plastic and stands about 17 inches tall with a 1.5 x .2 inch slot that accepts all coins and bills. 'Fantazia Marketing' is the maker of the well-loved Giant Crayon banks, Giant Ice Cream banks, and a many other iconic banks that have lined the shelves of variety and toy stores for decades. In classic fashion it has no plug, so it's the purrrfect bank for encouraging kids to patiently save, or finishing touch for your vintage kitsch decor!

  • Blow Mold Cat Bank
  • Color: White
  • Size: About 17 inches tall
  • Open slot on top accepts coins or bills
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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