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CelebriDucks Spa Wars RUBBER DUCK Costume Quacker Bath Toy


  • $ 14.24

CelebriDucks is pleased to introduce the intergalactic SPA WARS Duck, a rubber ducky dressed up as an Alien Spa Warrior from a spa that's really really far away. He's a collectible and limited edition piece of toy art with an out-of-this-world green complexion wearing the traditional garb of a true bath master, and wielding a brush and soap bar of the ancient spa order. Our highly detailed and premium quality ducky is full 'rubber ducky' sized, nearly 4 inches tall and 4 inches long. This unsinkable bath toy is completely sealed to stay clean, and weighted to always float upright. Although 'rubber duck' is the common term used today for familiar bath duckies, CelebriDucks are made from safe phthalate free and lead free vinyl. Recommended for everyone ages 1 year and up, and packaged in a Parody Space Hot Tub themed gift box. CelebriDucks have been voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly, featured on The Tonight Show, Conan, CNN, CBS Evening Magazine, and hundreds of other media outlets worldwide. Whether you're in a nice warm bath, relaxing in cool pool, or just practicing the ancient art of the spa, your CelebriDucks Spa Wars Duck will always be there to guide you and bring a smile to your face. Bathe different and float outside the flock with your Spa Wars from the very First Series of our COSTUME QUACKERS collection. CelebriDucks COSTUME QUACKERS are all dressed up with SOMEwhere to go, your bathtub! MAY THE BATH BE WITH YOU!

  • Ducky always floats upright and is sealed to stay clean. Phthalate free material is safe and fun for all ages.
  • Full 'Rubber Ducky' Size fits perfectly in your hand and won't get lost in the bath.
  • The perfect gift for fans of Star Wars, Spaceballs, or Yoda.
  • Packaged in a Space Parody Themed Display Gift Box
  • Check out all 12 Duckies from the 1st series of CelebriDucks COSTUME QUACKERS Collection

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